How To Compromise A Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

  • With anything involving tech and security, what is a question that we should consider that I mention early in the video?
  • How can we apply this question to topics which may make us feel uncomfortable or uncertain and what is it about our present behavior that makes us feel uncomfortable?
  • What is wrong with the two lines of thinking — “It’s safe because I don’t know” and “It’s safe because it hasn’t been done before”? In what other areas of security are these lines of thinking dangerous?
  • When it comes to security, how can we apply “what people want to know” versus “what is actually true” and what are some action steps we can take to ensure we’re not doing the same thing?
  • What is one counterparty risk of the digital world and how are your actions in the digital world taking this into account?




Data | Development | Security.

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SQLInSix Minutes

SQLInSix Minutes

Data | Development | Security.

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