Discussion: Data and Securing Data

  • What early warning sign is mentioned in the discussion that predicted that “customer data” would eventually be abused, even if it wasn’t being done by hackers?
  • What is SWATting and doxxing? Why are these dangerous and why do companies approach to your data make these easy?
  • Social media and money are two bad examples of using the digital world, but there is an example of using the digital world wisely in the dicussion. What’s the good use case of the digital world mentioned and what makes this a better use over the other two?
  • What four major leaks and vulnerabilities are discussed as a warning sign to both architects of technical solutions involving people’s data and people who sign up for products while providing their data?
  • Based on the discussion, why will hackers always have an advantage over people trying to secure data? Considering this, what’s a more creative approach to data over the current approach?
  • The bitcoin community promotes a security myth about how to prevent tokens from getting hacked? What is this myth and what does it not consider?
  • Why is storing people’s data a bad approach to business? What is this approach not considering?
  • OWASP (the website) and the resources it provides. This is especially useful for people who work in or want to work in the cybersecurity field.
  • Zero Days (the documentary). I highly suggest taking notes regarding what the security professionals and military professional say in this film. You’ve been warned.
  • Researching the “four major hacks” because of what we observe from these hacks. I mention these four major hacks in the discussion. We see leaks and vulnerabilities all the time, but these four are a good foundation of understanding the future.
  • All of Jim Rickards books, provided that you read these books from the context of cybersecurity, not economics and finance. His books may appear to be about economics and finance and some of the content is. But most of the content makes more sense in the context of cybersecurity if you read it in that context.




Data | Development | Security.

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